Notary Public
Three Certified California Notary Public on staff available to assist you with your Notary needs.
$15 Per Notarized Signature
Regulated by the State of California so don't pay more anywhere.

Mobile Notary
We offer our mobile services 24/7
Call us for a quote and to schedule your mobile appointment today.
760-832-6327 or 760-398-0700


Personal Income Tax Preparations
Get your income tax refund fast, walk-ins welcome. Don't want to wait,

make an appointment today because tax season officially starts January 19, 2016! 

Business Income Tax Preparations, Bookkeeping and Accounting

​ At HC Servces we provide the utmost top quality and detailed bookkeeping services from small to medium size businesses.  As bookkeepers & tax preparers, we focus on your business. we provide monthly, weekly and daily bookkeeping with detailed reports.  Well-organized financial records and proper bookkeeping will ensure you that your business operations will run more efficiently on a daily basis. Quality bookkeeping is the foundation of a successful business,  while you take care of your customers we will do the rest.  Bring your receipts to us, we like challanges, and no job is too big or too small.


Obtain your entire FBI Rap Sheet for a small fee, is simple, fast and very effective